Amanda Dubois, Pathfinder is an Intuitive Psychic Medium & Empath, a Reiki & Aqualead Master & a Queldon Practitioner, a CCA Certified Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Event Coordinator & a Paranormal Investigator.

She offers informative workshops on paranormal and spiritual topics, and helps guide individuals to find clear direction and purpose. Amanda has been investigating paranormal occurrences and clearing houses across the Niagara region for over six years, and has been featured on Season Three of Paranormal Survivor as an expert consultant for a local case. Amanda has been performing platform mediumship for over 5 years and feels that she can be most effective when utilizing her abilities in a group setting, to maximize the positive impact on the living and


Friday Oct 29th

6:00pm    7:00pm      DJ Blake

7:00pm    8:00pm      Revive the Rose 

8:00pm    8:30pm      DJ Blake

8:30pm    9:30pm      Lost Boys

9:30pm    10:00pm    DJ Blake

10:00pm  11:00pm    Conor Gains 


Saturday Oct 30th

1:00pm    2:00pm      DJ Isaac

2:00pm    3:00pm      Brad Battle

3:30pm    4:30pm      Road Waves 

4:30pm    5:00pm      DJ Derek

5:00pm    6:00pm      Theatre Crisp

6:00pm    6:30pm      DJ Isaac

6:30pm    7:30pm      The Figure Four

7:30pm    8:00pm      DJ Isaac

8:00pm    9:00pm      The Maysides

9:00pm    9:30pm      DJ Isaac

9:30pm    10:40pm    My Son the Hurricane

10:40pm  11:00pm    DJ Derek

DJ Blake By Request Entertainment
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Revive the Rose
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Lost Boys
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Conor Gains
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DJ Isaac
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Brad Battle
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Road Waves
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Theatre Crisp
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DJ Derek (Deekatello)
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The Figure Four
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The Maysides
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My Son The Hurricane
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